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In this private 30 minute consultation by phone,  I will help you begin to reconnect with the reasons you choose medicine and to remember the joy that those reasons once brought.

Together, we will:

  • Explore where you are.  How is your medical practice?  How is your life outside of medicine?  What are your frustrations?
  • Uncover your dream for medicine.  What brings you joy in your work?  What comes easily to you that your patients appreciate?  What is your ideal life?
  • Outline the first steps of a personalized plan to get you on your way to turning your dream into reality.
  • You will also receive occasional practice tips by email (and can opt-out whenever you wish).
Then, you can decide if you are ready to create a Renaissance in your practice and in your life.

I am offering you this opportunity with no obligation, no cost, and of course, complete confidentiality.

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Fair Warning!  These calls are designed for physicians (or other practitioners) ready to take action on their practice.  You do not have to know what changes you want to take, but you need to be willing to take action.  Changes range from a mindset shift to a complete new model of practice.