Is Your Practice Ripe for a Change?

When is the best time to pick a tomato?

Most of my tomatoes are done for the season but I have two plants that are still producing gorgeous heirlooms.

Tomatos on counterMost of us gardeners know that letting a tomato ripen on the vine and then picking it just before it is fully ripe gives the best result.  I like to let mine ripen on the counter for a day or two.  Then the result is delicious home grown flavor and firm flesh.


rotting tomatoesThere is a gardener at my community garden this summer that let his tomatoes stay on the vine until they were overripe.  Insects and rodents ate them and some fell to the ground to rot.  What a shame!  The tomatoes went completely to waste, not to mention the plants didn’t set new blooms for the next round.



Why do I bring this up to you, especially now?  Because I’ve been talking to so many doctors lately that tell me they aren’t making changes in their practices because they want to wait and see how Obama-care plays out for the next six months or year.  I understand the feeling:  none of us knows exactly how things are going to turn out.   But I would like to suggest that that makes it exactly the RIGHT time to prepare your practice for change.

Healthcare and changes coming to it are on people’s minds now.  More and more people are feeling like they can’t get the relationship they want with their personal physician in a big system or busy clinic.  And over the next few months, as more people move into the health care non-system, personal physicians with the time and energy to really care about their patients will be in high demand.

If you’ve been thinking it’s time for a change in your practice, I urge you to consider getting ready for it NOW.  Before the idea is overripe.

If you have any inclination that the time is getting close for you to make a change, consider spending a few hours focusing just on your practice with me.  I think you’re worth it.  Click below for an easy way to start to move toward your goal.

Bounty from my victory garden.  I love spending time in the garden.  What do you want to have time for?

Bounty from my victory garden. I love spending time in the garden. What do you want to have time for?

To your best practice AND your best life,


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