Take Your Life Back

Do you feel like you are always working? Laptops with EMR access from anywhere and smart-phones that enable you to work from the soccer field or family room can be life-savers for those of us trying to combine a busy practice with an active life.  But some days I long for the paper chart days of group medicine when I we weren’t allowed to remove the charts from the building.  We had to stay later, but when we were out of the office, we were finished with our charts.  Now, you can do them anywhere and anytime.

I found this article by Peter Bregman interesting.  He shares some stories from his life as a CEO that might be relevant to your life as a doctor.

Consider learning to put back up some of the walls that separate your practice from the rest of your life, so you have some time to really live.

Making sure you have time and space to live away from the “being a doctor” part of your life may end up improving not only your life with your family and friends, but also your doctoring too.

Let me know what you think.

Take Your Life Back




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