Did you dream of really knowing your patients, having time to talk about their values, and even making home visits, but feel overwhelmed by short visits and paperwork?

You are in the right place; you are not alone.

Medical practice has evolved over time, with paperwork increasing and time with patients decreasing.  This is NOT because you are inefficient or don’t care.  It is a result of the system you work in.  On top of this, medical school and residency didn’t teach you business skills, stress management, or work-life balance.

 It IS possible:

  • To have time with patients
  • To minimize billing/paperwork/insurance hassles
  • AND to have time and energy for your health and family & friends


  • Feeling proud of your work with time to know your patients
  • Being present for family meals, your kids’ sporting events or school plays
  • Having time to exercise, garden, or play the piano again


I’ve been there.

Having working first in a small group practice, then a large multi-specialty HMO practice, and finally, in an academic medical center, I feel your pain.

 After over 15 years in medical practice, I took a sabbatical year with my family in Siena, Italy.  During that time, I researched and developed a new way of working that, since 2006, has enabled me to have time with patients, be home with my daughters after school, and be my own boss rather than answering to insurance companies.

 Because I have a heart for doctors that are overwhelmed and burnt-out, I can enable you to create a practice you can truly thrive in.  (I have been called an emancipator of doctors…..sounds a little dramatic, but practicing the way you want really can be freeing.)

 See what it could feel like to be free to practice medicine they way you dreamed.

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